5 Immediate Benefits of Going Makeup-Free

Sometimes our skin needs a serious break from heavy foundations and thickening mascaras. 

There are plenty of reasons to love makeup. It can help bring out our favorite features, hide flaws, and make us feel more confident. And if we're being honest, makeup is a blast to play around with (hello, smokey eye YouTube tutorials). But as much as makeup can be a girl's best friend, it may not be the healthiest thing to slather all over our faces on a daily basis.

Now don’t get us wrong, we are OK about makeup, but sometimes our skin needs a serious break from heavy foundations and thickening mascaras. For many, the idea of no makeup can be seriously daunting – and understandably so when most digital media channels primarily show women wearing copious amounts.

In fact, dermatologists report that wearing too much makeup can actually expose the skin to a considerable amount of chemicals and toxins.

Luckily, going sans makeup (even just once every few months) can do wonders for our skin. Take the plunge and unlock a world of healthier skin, for these five reasons.

#1 It will save you time

As a novice, you felt like it took forever to apply your makeup. Even if you were doing the bare minimum, and would hardly qualify as glam.

Everything seems so much more complicated. There's priming, concealing, blending, contouring, and baking — all after having crafted the perfect brow.

Of course, there are less intensive routines, but if you're looking for that beat face, time is not on your side.

A study showed that the average woman takes 55 minutes to get through her beauty regimen. You can practically lose a day of your life just reading about a celebrity’s 15-step makeup routine.

With all that extra time, you could easily fit in a quick workout, linger over breakfast with your boo, or even hit the snooze button.

#2 Easier on your face

You know that incredible feeling you get when you wash all your makeup off at the end of the day? You could have that feeling all the time if you went makeup-free.

Like every other living thing, your skin needs to breathe. Long-wear makeup may be a godsend but is built to absorb deeper into your pores. If not properly removed, this can lead to acne. Eyeliner also presents problems, especially when applied in the waterline.

Errant particles may get into the eye and cause irritation or worse. A break from constant cosmetics gives your pores a chance to unclog and lessens occurrences of infection.

No makeup means no nasty, germy residue left behind to interrupt the formation of new cells. This leaves us with a face that's naturally more vibrant and hydrated.
Not wearing makeup allows you to focus solely on locking down a good skincare regimen. You will absolutely love sampling new cleansers, toners, masks, and moisturizers to add to your rotation.

#3 Smaller-looking pores

If you wear makeup all day, some of it will inevitably seep into your skin pores, causing them to enlarge and result in acne and blemishes.

Foundation, blush and bronzer might look nice, but underneath the surface, these tiny makeup particles accumulate in our pores with each wear. Along with all the air pollutants, our skin is exposed to each day, dirt builds up, causing pores to become clogged and appear enlarged over time.

Although there's nothing you can do to actually change the size of your pores, going makeup-free (and regular facial cleansing) minimizes buildup inside the pores, making them appear smaller and giving your complexion a smoother finish.

#4 Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

Although it may sound counterintuitive, the same makeup that you're using to cover up wrinkles and blemishes may be making them worse, dermatologists note. Over time, makeup tends to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, which essentially just shines a spotlight on the very signs of aging you're trying to hide.

The residue left behind by makeup can impede the process of shedding dead skin cells. When dead skin cells are not shed as intended, there are now layers of skin on the surface with no elasticity that begin to wrinkle and sag.

Wrinkles and fine lines are also caused by the rubbing and pulling of skin that happens during makeup application, doing this over and over to the skin causes it to lose elasticity and begin to sag. Reducing makeup use will leave the skin looking brighter and more youthful.

#5 Cleaner pillowcase

For some, this might be old news, and some might not have even considered it, but our pillowcases are quite a disgusting kettle of fish at a closer look.

Even if you dutifully wash your face with makeup removal every night before going to bed, that is not enough.

Unless you exfoliate your skin daily (which also is not a good idea), some of the foundation will stick to your skin. That foundation will, in turn, be transferred into your pillowcase, as you sweat and scrub your face against it 8 hours a night. Not a very pleasant thought when you press your tired, shower-fresh head to your pillow at the end of the day.

So, going makeup-free not only gives your skin some time to breathe, but it also helps you keep your pillowcase clean(er).

While you don't have to swear off makeup forever, giving your body a break from this stuff every now and then can beneficial even in the short term.

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